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How to change the password of the Tp-link routers

How to change the password of the Tp-link routers

Tp-link users are given this much sophistication to access their router from anywhere but the only condition is that they should be connected with the network. The user has to input on the URL of the chrome to get to the admin page of the router. These routers are the core of connecting with the smart networks with the help of various high tech resources that are embedded into these devices. The router login page is consistent with the username and the password. Generally, these login credentials are both case-sensitive. The password should be strong enough to not to get accessed by any visitor. Your private network will be secured within this frame base which will keep your all personal information safe and sound.

How to change the password of the Tp-link routers?

Password of the Tp-link router should be frequently changed in order to keep the unwanted user away from their personal network. Username of these routers cannot be changed by the users. The users do not have the freedom to assign a particular username to their Tp-link routers. The password can be changed as they are the only credential which an individual will be requiring in order to get the access to this router. These both credentials are probably case-sensitive.

Sometimes the user forgets the password of their login page of the router. Tp-link does not allow the user to recover their password. In that situation, the only choice that they were left with is to reset their router which will restore back the default settings of these routers. After resetting them when you re-login to your router you have to apply this new password in order to access your router

The password is used in the login page of the Tp-link routers.

These are the steps to successfully change the password of your routers

  • Open a browser by inputting on the link of the browser. You can also reach the web interface of these router by local IP address which is  
tplink router login

tplink router login

  • This link will redirect you to the login page of the routers
  • The login credentials should be filled with the username and the password of the routers.
  • Note: The default password and the username will be “admin”. In case you have previously changed, then put the password which you have previously assigned for your routers.
  • Select the Wireless tab on the left hand of the page
  • Click wireless security
  • Scroll down and check the security box which should be filled with WPA-PSK/WPA2 PSK
  • In password field type the password which you want to assign for your routers
  • At last Click Save at the bottom of the page
  • When prompted, then click OK which will probably save your new password.
  • Now you need to reboot your router in order to allow the changes to take place
  • Select System Tools at the bottom of the page
  • A dialog box will appear to ask you about rebooting your router, click OK to reboot it.

When you reconnect with your router by again launching the browser with, you are going to observe that your new password is in work.

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